Hi Nabor Supermarket Cashiers create an exceptional customer service experience by providing prompt and courteous service through greetings, checking customers out, processing payments, answering inquiries, and properly bagging items for customers.


  • Creating a welcoming experience by greeting customers, answering inquiries, and providing assistance.
  • Operating scanners, scales, cash registers, and other electronics to properly scan, price, and verify quantities of items.
  • Balancing the cash register and generating reports for credit and debit sales.
  • Accepting payments, and ensuring all prices and quantities are accurate while providing a receipt to every customer.
  • Following store procedures regarding coupons, gift cards, or the purchase of specific items, such as alcohol or cigarettes.
  • Packaging groceries purchased by customers into plastic, paper, or cloth bags while strategically arranging items to avoid damage or breakage.
  • Providing fast and efficient service while checking for leftover items in baskets/carts, placing packaged items back in baskets/carts, and replenishing bags as necessary.
  • Assisting in ensuring a clean environment at the registers by wiping spills, sweeping floors, removing litter, mopping, etc.
  • Complying with safety standards while reporting malfunctioning equipment as necessary.


  • Experience as a cashier.
  • An ability to work flexible schedules through the day, evening, and weekend shifts.
  • Exceptional customer service skills, creating an excellent store experience by packing purchases with care, offering assistance, and maintaining a friendly and polite attitude.
  • Strong organizational skills to assist in properly and systematically arranging grocery items.
  • An ability to memorize the store layout and product locations to assist with customer inquiries and efficiently locate items.
  • Strong math and computer skills to properly operate equipment.
  • Strong cash handling skills to ensure balancing of registers.
  • Strong team working skills to aid co-workers.
  • A physical ability to stand and walk for an entire shift with an ability to lift and carry heavy items.